Exciting news at irista HQ this week: the feature you requested most is now available:
private galleries.

When you add all your photos to irista - from your smart phone, camera, computer and social accounts - a timeline is automatically created with everything organised by the date it was taken.

But now you can relive moments by event or theme, in our iOS and Android apps (for phones and tablets) and on our website.

Creating galleries

On your iPhone or Android, tap and hold on a photo you’d like to add to a gallery and then select any other photos you’d like to add (you can always delete or add photos to your gallery later). Then tap on the + button.

On the website, click on the top right corner of a photo and click on the + button at the top of the page.

You can also add the same photo to multiple galleries. 

Finding Galleries

To go to galleries you’ve created on the mobile app, tap on the Gallery button in the menu.

On our Website you have quick access to your galleries with the button at the top.

Cool stuff you can do with galleries

Share a gallery

Once you’ve created a private gallery, you can tap on ‘Share gallery’ to get a link to send to anyone (whether they use irista or not).

Share galleries on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

A shared gallery can also be made private - with one tap or click - so the shared link will no longer work.

Change the cover photo

All your galleries will be given a cover photo by default, so they’re easy to find. But you can change these in the gallery settings to add any photo you’d like. On our Website change the cover photo with a button at the top. 

We have a bunch more cool things coming to Galleries soon, but we’d love to hear what you want to see next. Just contact us at with any suggestions, and we’ll get right back to you.