Automatically adding photos on your computer to irista

Do you have tons of precious memories on your hard drive that you never want to lose? Now you can add them easily to irista, so they’re completely safe even if you lose your computer. 

Step 1: Download the free irista Uploader here

Step 2: Start the app and sign in

Step 3: Just select the folders from your computer or external device.

(Only ‘mass storage external devices’ are currently recognised by irista, like external hard drives or usb sticks).


Step 4: Add any photos to the folders you’ve marked in the irista Uploader.

The content of the folders you select are checked by irista, so any new photos added there will be uploaded to irista in the background without you having to do anything. 

On Windows

irista will automatically delete any exact duplicates we upload.

Step 5:  You can easily follow how many photos are left, and pause or continue uploading photos any time.


If you lose your connection, the Uploader will just pause and restart once you have your connection back.


Step 6: Add new folders to the list at any time


The  irista Uploader is supported on Windows 7 and above, OSX 10.9 and above.

Any questions or suggestions, just write us at and we’ll get right back to you.