Social Import

Do you have photos in Facebook or Google Photos that you’d love to combine with all your photos from your computer, camera and phone ? Well now with irista you can do that in our app and sites. 

How it works

When you enable irista to connect to your Facebook and/or Google photos, we will copy those photos - in the best quality available – and add them to your irista timeline (removing any duplicates). And we’ll always irista updated with any photos you add in the future to either Facebook or Google Photos, without you having to do anything.


To get set-up on your iPhone or Android or computer, just go into the Account Section of our app or Website and tap on ‘Social import’. From there you can tap on Facebook and/or Google  to start activating those services. You will need to sign into whichever service(s) you’d like to add. And you can turn this off at any time.


We’ll be adding support for Flickr soon. And if you have any suggestions for other services you’d like to see added, just suggest and vote for them here.